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  • Price Adjustments on B2B Products

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    Darth Moxy

    You can now add additional price adjustment to B2B items in your catalog.

    Great news- resellers can now use price adjustments on their B2B products! 

    This will come in particularly handy for those who want to resell products via B2B and have tiered or different pricing for different customers. Now you can add other price adjustments with conditions on top of the initial B2B adjustment.

    IMPORTANT: You have to create separate price adjustments for your B2B products. Global price adjustments only impact your local catalog, so you would need to create a duplicate price adjustment for any B2B products to achieve the same price adjustment for all products. 


    You can apply price adjustments to all B2B products, use tags to apply a price adjustment to a certain group of B2B products, or select individual B2B products to apply a tag to. 

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