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  • How to Put Something in a Category

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    Darth Moxy

    Putting your products into categories is helpful for your customer to have a more organized view of your "catalog" and also helpful for you when working with products from the back end (allowing you to filter/look at a smaller list of products making it easier to find what you're looking for).

    To put a product in a category, you'll go the product individually and check the box in your side bar that corresponds to the category you want it to appear in (don't forget to save with the box checked).




    So in the example pictured above, your customer would first see the top-level categories on the order page (in this case "Doors" is the one we'll look at), after clicking Doors they will see the four sub-level categories ("Solid Wood Doors," "Engineered Panel Doors," etc). Then after choosing the sub category "Solid Wood Doors" they will be able to see all the products in the "Solid Wood Doors" category (including this batten door).

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