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  • "No Variables in Formula" Error

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    Darth Moxy

    No one likes to get an error message, especially when you're building an order for a customer! Here's a few quick ways to troubleshoot this error to get you back to business.

    Our development team is improving Allmoxy to make it stronger and better than ever, but that means all the coding has to be airtight to function exactly as it should. Sometimes this means that you will receive an error that you might not have before. 

    We recommend going to Settings (Gear Icon) > ECommerce > Products and pulling up the product your receiving the error from. 

    Go through each tab of the product (Attributes, Pricing, Parts, etc) and Save each page WITHOUT making changes. If there's an obvious error, the system will generate an error message at the top of that tab after saving. Correct the error and you're on your way!

    If you re-saved all the product tabs and didn't receive an error message, go through your formulas on each tab with a fine tooth comb. Make sure each formula has opening and closing brackets () or <>. 

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