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  • Adding Pricing to Drop-Down Attribute Options

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    Darth Moxy

    Adding COLUMNS to the table for your attribute will create new variables for you to use in your pricing formula!

    Let's use a specific example, like wood type.  You'll want to charge more when  customer chooses walnut vs. if they choose alder.

    Go to your attribute on the back end (Settings -> E-Commerce -> Product Attributes -> click on the attribute in question).

    Scroll down to the 'selector settings' section of the attribute where all the options are listed and click 'add column':




    This will prompt you to name the column - in this example we'll name it 'wood price.'  When you do that you'll a new column appears to the right of all the other columns.  Now you have the ability to put the different prices related to each of these wood types in the corresponding cells:




    This new column will also create a 'variable' for your pricing and part formulas that will automatically pull the price of the wood type your customer choose on the order.

    You'll see here the variable will be named with the attribute formula name(wood_type) + a period and then the column name (wood_pricing) - like so: wood_type.wood_pricing

    Then you can open to the product you want to use this new variable on, go to the pricing section of the product and you'll see that new variable in the side bar, ready to plug in to your pricing formula wherever you please:





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