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  • Order Statuses and Pricing

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    Darth Moxy

    There are many factors that can potentially change the price of a job or even the specific parts in a job. .  This tutorial will go over the pricing for jobs and when the job locks in a price based on the many variables available.  

    The first status in a job is the "bid" status.

    In Allmoxy, bid status is considered more of a draft. In this status the price of a product and all variables are subject to change.   As variables in the pricing formula are changed or moved it will affect the pricing of the products.  No price is locked down in this status.  For example, if a customer has an order in bid status and we were to change the pricing formula, then all of the products would reflect the updated price when the customer opens that order again.  The presumption is that the order has not been submitted and therefore will be subject to pricing changes. This way as lumber increases, for example, you can update your price and the order that have not been submitted will reflect the increase. You wouldn't want a customer creating a draft, sitting on it for a year after prices have gone up and then be able to submit it for an old, lower price!

    The second status of the job is "ordered."  

    Once a job has been submitted by a customer to the "ordered" status then the pricing is set. New pricing updates will not be reflected on the order unless someone edits an item and then re-saves. Touching/editing an item and re-saving will allow it to recalculate. Any items on the order that are NOT edited will keep their original price.

    If the customer for some reason needs to make a change to the order at this time, they can do so *as long as they have not yet paid for the order.* This is because if edits are made after payment, the price of the job would likely shift, causing the customer to either owe more money on the invoice, or be owed money back from your shop. In that case you have to follow up and make sure payments/refunds are up to date and correct. 

    As an employee, YOU can technically edit the job in any status, though we highly recommend not doing so (if at all possible) once an order has been verified. Again, the system will do it's best to keep the set prices safely locked as the order is moved through all the status, but if you touch or edit an item on the job and hit save, you will be allowing it to potentially recalculate with new price updates, likely changing the price of the item. 

    The third status of the job is "verified."  

    Once and order has moved to the "verified" status then the order will be locked for the customer.  

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