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  • Exporting and Importing Attribute Data

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    Darth Moxy

    I want to import data into my attribute but it's not working

    The exporting attributes feature is really just for the convenience of editing that specific attribute.

    Here's some things to know about exporting and importing:

    1. When importing a new table, the previous table is overriden with the new information and can not be restored. Double check when you import that everything looks correct before saving.
    If something doesn't look exactly the way it should, simply don't click save, exit or refresh the page and then try again. 

    2. If you export out and re-import with changes, your images should also import back in. When you select the file for importing the image field will say "Save to view/edit picture", once you select Save, the images will reload. 

    3. If you want to delete a column, you need to know that if that variable (column name) is used anywhere in your pricing, that you WILL need to replace that with the new column in your pricing formulas. This could also potentially break old orders, so we don't recommend doing this!

    4. When an attribute table is exported, each line has a unique ID number in the first column. To import successfully into a new attribute, you need to keep the ID column, but delete each ID out of the field. This will leave you with a blank first column which the system will then generate new IDs into once imported into your new attribute. 

    5. If you are importing into a brand new attribute, you need to create the column names first. To do this, add a blank first Row, then Add Column and match according to your existing column headers.

    6. On the Import File option there is a ? icon. We HIGHLY recommend clicking on that and reading through appropriate import format before importing a new file. 

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