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    Darth Moxy

    Good software shouldn’t need training, it should just makes sense. We built ours to be “old dog proof”. Brady's (the founder) dad is an “old dog” who hates to learn new tricks. Everything we built, we ran it by him to make sure it made sense. Your customer's shouldn't need 'training', but we do have guides that run right on top of the pages that walk them through things the first time. On the back end (employee side), there are some pretty complex things that advanced users may want to tackle. For those things, we have a training program that you can sign up your key people to (simply give us their email address) so they can be guided through the necessary training guides. Again, these guides run on top of the screen so they’re self paced and very effective.

    For additional training for you or your employees, sign up for our tutorial videos here: https://allmoxy.teachable.com/p/allmoxy-setup


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