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  • Integrating Allmoxy with Cabinet Vision

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    Darth Moxy

    It is possible to use Allmoxy and Cabinet Vision (CV) together as a very powerful solution.

    There are multiple configurations, so determining your desired outcome is the first step. It's important to first understand what tasks the two software suites are specialized at. 

    Allmoxy specializes as an interface between your customers through the web, while Cabinet Vision specializes as a technical interface between your office and your CNC Machines. Allmoxy is superior at interfacing and managing the customer experience, while CV is superior at sending the construction details to your CNC. Both suites have functionality that overlap, but in short, Allmoxy does not produce CNC machine code (it does provide an almost unlimited configurable data exports), and Cabinet Vision does not provide you with customer facing tools, especially web based ones. 

    Both software suites allow you to import and export in and out of them,  but since CV isn't web based, any integtration between them requires a semi-manual workflow with a few clicks. Depending on your use case, you can go out of CV into Allmoxy, out of Allmoxy into CV, or in and out of each other. Note that Allmoxy can have more robust varieties of products than CV can, so if you're going to integrate the two, it's a good idea to design your catalog in CV first, so as to not have a limitation once it hits CV. If you design the catalog in Allmoxy and then try to go to CV, you may hit limits in CV.

    The most common configuration is to Use Allmoxy as the origin or the order, the front-facing catalog that the customers and employees design in, place orders, pay bills, and manage their own accounts. Allmoxy then exports a specially created CV export, and in a couple clicks, CV has all the data it needs to import the order and send it out to the CNC machine. 

    Allmoxy does not perform in-house integrations with third party software such as CV. In other words, we will not actually touch the settings inside your CV software. We will, however, help you configure the Allmoxy side, and offer consulting, including introducing you to some third party CV integrators if requested.

    To learn how to configure your Allmoxy catalog to export out to Cabinet Vision, read this article. 

    If you'd like additional help getting your Cabinet Vision and Allmoxy working seamlessly together, reach out to our team and we can connect you with service providers for consultation and customization! 

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