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  • Overview of Creating Order Exports to Send Out of Allmoxy

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    Darth Moxy

    Here we'll go through the steps to create an export, as well as a some common questions regarding exports.

    Allmoxy has the ability to send files out of Allmoxy with all kinds of order information. The exports can be types Comma Separated Value, Plain Text, or XML and can have any extension you choose (examples include .csv, .ord, etc) so you're covered for most any file that your other systems need. 
    To create an export, first you'll need to create the export location name by going to Settings -> Exporters. On this page you'll be able to create as many exporters as you'd like, as well as go through the various setting options.



    You can see in the image above that you'll give it a name, choose the file type and the extension. Then you have the option of adding a header/footer to the file.  

    If you choose to check 'one line per item' your export will come with each item on it's own line with the qty set to one - it will break it into as many lines as the number of items - see the example below. You'll notice the last three lines are identical (3 of the same item), but split into individual lines and the qty of that line is 1:


    If you choose to check 'one line per part' you'll still get three same items on their own line but the qty will say 3 for each of those:


    If you choose to check neither of those settings your export will group the identical items on one line, like this:


    Next, we'll talk about where you add the info to the exports. You'll do this by going to the parts of your products, and at the top of each part there is a spot for an export formula. You'll use the variables available in the side bar to create the export formula you desire and don't forget to choose the name of the exporter you're setting it up for (in the example below it's "Tigerstop - Panels":



    If there's not a variable in the side bar to spit out the information you want, you may be able to create a new part to give you that info, which will give a new variable for that info!
    A few more tips regarding exports:

    • There's not currently a way to get the 'Total Items' on the export (like tables on your export pages do), other than tallying the qty's yourself on the file after you export it. This is because the export is puling info for each item individually, not as a group.
    • There's also not currently a way to get part summations on your export files.
    • To get the whole line ID number, combine the variables for group number and line number like this:

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