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  • How to move an order status

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    Guest Triston Merritt

    What is the best way to move an order status?


    Here's some guidance on progressing order the 'right' way - Once an order is set to verified ideally no more changes are being made to it. You've verified that it is good to be built as it is. Very few employees should have their permissions set to be able edit a verified order.

    And then it's also good to know that you shouldn't progress an order (after Verified) on the order page itself. Each time you hit the save button there, even if you're just changing the status, it recalculates everything on the order so if any system changes have been made (pricing, parts, attributes, price adjustments) those changes might affect the order, even if it's verified, even if the customer has already paid. The order page itself is the "mack daddy" page that shouldn't really be messed with after an order has been verified 🙂

    Once an order is verified, you should use the Work Schedule Report - this report shows all orders that are in verified status and you'll see you can hit "start job" on each order there. That will move the order to 'in progress' status for you without using the order page. 

    To move from 'in progress' to 'completed' status, ideally you'd use time tracking/labor processes to move that status.

    And then the Shipping Report shows orders that are ready to ship and you can use the far-right column to tell the system any of those jobs are shipped. 

    Of course if you don't want to use certain parts of this flow you can always still use the order itself BUT instead of using the 'order' tab you should use the resource allocation tab, that won't make the order fully recalculate like the order tab will. 




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