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    Guest Triston Merritt

    How can I utilize these features?


    Notes: Notes can be added (in the side bar) to orders, companies and contacts for any extra info you want to jot down! You can also control the visibility of the notes, for anyone, just people in your company, or private (just for yourself).

    Announcements: These can be used for sending a heads up to a group of people. The announcements appear at the top of the page when people log in, you can choose who it appears for and when it expires:


    Tasks: These are great for employees whose daily tasks are dictated by other things happening first, especially because you can use Triggers to create tasks. For example a new order is placed and you want your front desk person to go verify so that it can be sent to people on the shop floor - you can set up a triggered task that will pop up for that employee as soon as that order is placed. Your imagination is really the limit with how you use these things to improve and tighten your work flow!

    Just so you know: Tasks show up on the side panel dashboard and not on the top of your pages like Announcements do.


    To create a new Note, Announcement, or task click on your Avatar in the top right hand corner to open the menu dropdown! 

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