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  • Creating Labels in Allmoxy

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    Darth Moxy

    First, set up your label output pages by going to Settings > ECommerce > Output Pages and creating a new output page with the page type set to Labels. 

    Then, you'll set the parameters for your label page! Insert the number of columns, the label width, the product margin (the space BETWEEN each label), etc. If you're using a label printer (like for shipping labels, for instance) you'll set the column to 1 and then set the page size to your single label size. 

    Once you've created your output pages, go into a Product and click on the Labels tab

    Here, you will find a WYSIWYG-style editor to create your labels. Type whatever you want, and use the order, group and item level variables available from the side bar to customize each label! 


    You'll also see at the bottom the options to "import" and "export" labels. This allows you to send labels from one product to another so you don't have to build the same label for everything in your catalog. 
    Using the import section you can grab labels from other products and using the export section you can send labels from that product to any other product. 


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