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  • Parts are Not Showing Up on Output Page

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    Darth Moxy

    There are two ways to go about taking care of this:


    1. One product at a time - go to the product that's not showing up (Settings -> E-Commerce -> Products -> select the product in question) and then to the parts of the product and find the parts you want to show  on your output page. Open those parts and select the checkbox for whichever of your output pages you want that part to show up on.



    2. You can also go to the output page itself and use the setting "Add all existing product parts to display on this output page" - which will immediately set ALL parts of ALL products to show on this page, so be careful! You likely won't want to use this option if it's a specific parts list for something like stiles and rails only, because then you'll also have every other non-stile/rail part showing up on the page.


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