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  • Creating production lines in Allmoxy

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    Darth Moxy

    To create production lines in Allmoxy go to Settings -> Operations -> Labor Processes. From here you can add a new production line:


    Production Lines allow you to set up certain workflows inside Allmoxy that mimic what's actually happening on the floor. IE: if my door process is to assemble, sand, finish, and load, then I would create a Production Line that includes each of those steps in the building process. Then, shop employees can clock into or track time to a process, like sanding, and scan each order as they sand OR they can just mark that they completed sanding for that job. 

    Once you've created the production line(s) you would like to use, you will need to open up which the product(s) in your catalog that you want to run on that production line. To do this: Go to Settings -> E-Commerce -> Products and select which product you want to edit. Click on the Production Line dropdown to designate which line this product should run on! Then, you can filter the Work Schedule Report by Production Line, so you're only running certain products on certain lines. 


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