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  • Setting up time tracking

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    Darth Moxy

    How do I set up time tracking?


    If you haven't already, go and edit each employee's profile to make sure you've included wage information. (Edit Employee > Employee Information > Type in Wage) This will matter when you want to track labor costs to an order (you can view this information in the Results tab of the order)
    To get started you'll first need to create your Labor Processes so that your employees can choose which of those tasks they're doing!

    Settings -> Operations -> Labor Processes

    On this page you'll see production lines - all of your labor processes are inside each of those production lines. If you have a fronts line and a boxes line you would likely have slightly different labor processes in each of those lines.


    Open the line you'd like to add processes to and you'll see the ability to add categories, labor, the wage attached to each process and whether or not you want that labor process to automatically change the status of the job (e.g. An employee clocks in as cutting out on the saw, you could have that move the status of the order to In Progress. Or if you had a process for loading the truck for delivery maybe you'd have that process move the job to Shipped status).


    Once you have that up to your liking, your employees can start using the time tracking system by going to the avatar in the top right hand corner of the page and chose "time tracking".


    Then you'll see a module pop up to allow them to choose the job they're working on and what labor process they're doing. They'll be able to choose to either clock in on that job and then come clock back out when they're done OR just enter the amount of time spent.  Keep in mind that as you try to pull up the job the system may take a moment to pull up the one you're looking for...



    Once you understand this time tracking system you'll likely realize it would be more efficient if you had a computer at each station or machine - and you'd be correct.

    To really give yourself the best setup you'll probably want to get some cheap notebook computers to place at each station and then get a scanner so you're team can scan a barcode on your output pages rather than manually typing in the order number they're working on! 


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