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    Darth Moxy

    Allmoxy's shipping functionality is built with the mentality that the shipping price is built right into the upfront price. If our users are trying to do shipping invoices later, it goes against our foundational beliefs that ordering should be easy, manual processes should be automated, and the customer experience is key. It's sometimes hard to average out shipping costs and build them into products, or pre-estimate shipping costs. We get that... we're talking about moving pallets of products crossing the whole country in some cases, so the stakes are high. However, at the end of the day, people want to get online, order their products, know pricing, pay, and be done without having to talk, negotiate, etc.

    That means that shipping has to be best estimated and then dealt with in averages over time. Think about Amazon, how terrible would it be to get an invoice AFTER you got your item? Not only do they not do that, they have eliminated shipping for prime because they understand that shipping costs are a hindrance to sales. 

    So here are some options for setting up your shipping in Allmoxy: 

    If you use one of the built in connections like Fed Ex, UPS, or Freight quote, you should be getting close enough to make an accurate estimation of shipping costs. It will be off here and there, but average out over a short time.

    If you don't like those options, you can create a custom formula where you can use variables like distance, weight, etc to create formulas to calculate shipping costs. This too, will be off a little here and there, and be better over time as you adjust it, but will need to average out over time.

    Or, you can eliminate the psychology of shipping (like what Amazon does), and say Free Shipping, and build the cost into your products. It's actually really effective.

    Which ever way you choose, make sure the customer can order on a Sunday night, in their pajamas, and know the full cost upfront. Learn from the best in this new online economy!

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