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    Darth Moxy

    Why are fake accounts being created on my site? Are Hackers targeting me?

    You may have encountered fake customer accounts appearing in your Allmoxy site. Bots are a common problem on the internet and come in many forms. This creates an ongoing battle between bots and software platforms, with the debate about how many measures to take against them. Although most of the measures to eliminate bot "attacks" take place behind the scenes, some measures can face the customer. Security measures can be put in place to verify humans and stop bots, but they can often be difficult for humans to navigate and turn customers away, resulting in fewer sign-ups.
    Most bot's "attacks" come in waves and are not deliberately targeted at you for any strategic reason. The bots and people behind them have simply found your site and have decided to try to exploit it. The type of bots that create fake accounts in your Allmoxy instance are most likely there to collect data, but creating customer accounts within your system gives them no access to any of your important info in Allmoxy. They can only place an order that's not legitimate, so it's mostly just a nuisance.
    Fortunately, most Allmoxy instance owners have a trigger that notifies someone on your team that a new company has been created, so they can verify them, give them tags, credit limits, etc. In cases where the company does not look legitimate, they can be deleted instead of verified.


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