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    Darth Moxy

    Take a tour to understand what the experience will be like from the customer side.

    When a customer creates an account on Allmoxy, they are presented with a streamlined interface designed specifically for their needs. In this article, we will walk you through what your customers will see when they log in.

    Upon logging in, customers will be greeted with a simple dashboard that provides them with all of the tools they need to manage their orders. From this page, customers can create and import orders, view their company information, and manage their orders. Additionally, customers have access to tutorials and can manage their settings, including company settings and payment methods.

    While customers do have access to some reports, the interface is intentionally stripped down, allowing for easy navigation and an overall user-friendly experience. Customers can also access the 3D designer and view their orders, making it easy to manage their business in one convenient location.
    If customers wish to create custom workflows or manage their productivity, they have access to Ronan's and productivity tools. Overall, Allmoxy's interface for customers is designed to be simple and easy to use, providing everything they need to manage themselves efficiently.

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