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  • Helping Customer Complete the Order Process

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    Darth Moxy

    We'll address a few of the reasons why your customer can't finalize their order.

    1. Your customer has met their credit limit. The credit limit is the amount you allow your customers to order without paying first. If they can not proceed because they have met their credit limit, the customer should make a payment to reduce their balance and open up their credit limit again. 

    2. The customer's order has exceeded the order limit. Order limit (or build limit) is the amount of product that you will build but NOT necessarily ship to a company. The company might need to pay their balance before the product will be shipped to them. Remember this isn't just referring to the limit of one order. The total amount of their unpaid orders will contribute to this number.

    You can either raise the limit, or request that you customer split the order so that your shop can fulfill it in a timely manner. 

    How to change the credit or order limits: 

    Go to the Company dashboard of the company you would like to edit. Select the Info button under the Company Name. Scroll down to find Financial Settings. You can then adjust the credit limit or order limit for that customer. 










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