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  • How the Discounts Are Calculated

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    Darth Moxy

    As a business owner, it's important to be aware of how your pricing adjustments are set up to ensure that they're having the intended effect. One key consideration is your priority settings, which can impact which adjustments take effect in a given scenario.
    Before making any changes to your pricing adjustments, be sure to review your priority settings and ensure that there isn't an adjustment overriding the one you want to take effect. This can help you avoid unintended consequences and ensure that your pricing is applied consistently across all orders.
    Another important factor to consider is the way in which manual discounts interact with surcharges and other adjustments. If you apply a manual discount in the 'discount box' while a surcharge is already applied to the order, the discount will be applied AFTER all adjustments have been made. This can lead to different amounts than you might expect.
    On the other hand, when you use a tag to apply a discount, the discount will be applied BEFORE any adjustments are made. This can help you ensure that the final price is calculated correctly and that your customers are getting the best possible deal.
    By being mindful of these factors and carefully managing your pricing adjustments, you can maintain greater control over your pricing and ensure that your business is operating at peak efficiency. This can help you maximize your profitability and achieve your long-term goals.

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