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  • How To Give A Discount Using Tags

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    Darth Moxy

    How do I give a specific company a discount?

    To apply a discount to specific companies, you can use the tagging feature in combination with price adjustments. First, you need to tag the companies that you want to apply the discount to. If the tag does not exist, you will need to create it by adding a comma at the end of the new tag.
    Once the companies are tagged, navigate to Settings > Operations > Price Adjustments. Create a new price adjustment, and instead of selecting "All Companies," choose "Use Tags." This will allow you to select the specific tag you created earlier.
    By selecting the tag, you are telling the system to apply the discount only to orders associated with the companies that have been tagged. This feature allows you to offer targeted discounts to specific groups of customers.
    Remember, when creating a new tag, don't forget to add a comma at the end of the tag name. This ensures that the new tag is added properly and can be used in the future.




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