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  • How to Prevent Price Changes From Happening On Existing Orders When I Update Catalog Pricing

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    Darth Moxy

    This is an important piece of knowledge when using Allmoxy: after 'verified' you should not be updating order status on the order page itself - doing this will alway re-calculate everything on that order. So if you make any changes to your pricing or anything, it will update on existing orders only if you/your employees are doing any re-saving on the order page.

    There are a few ways to avoid this - by using certain reports and labor processes:

    You can update your order status by using reports - After an order has been verified, the shop person putting the order 'in progress' can do it by going to the 'Work Schedule Report' which is a list of all verified orders and has a 'start job' button for each of those orders which will put it 'in progress'. Then ideally the employees working on the order are time tracking their tasks (aka using labor processes) and those processes can automatically move the status to 'completed' (e.g. once someone tracks time to the process 'sanding' or 'packing' or whatever the last task is, that will automatically move the status to 'completed'. Then the Shipping Report can be used to mark jobs shipped. (a labor process can also be set to do that if you want).

    If you don't want to practice the above flow (even though I recommend you do), then at the very least make sure you're using the 'resource allocation' tab of an order to move the status - that will also prevent recalculation of prices!

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