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  • Using Multiple Price Adjustments at One Time

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    Darth Moxy

    Here are somethings to remember when doing price adjustments in this case in particular:

    1) All adjustments apply off the base price. If your base price is $10 for an item, and you apply both a 200% surcharge and a 50% discount, then you would have $20 after the surcharge -$5 for the 50% discount for a total price of $15.00

    2)Each adjustment applies PER item. That means the priority is reset for each one of them. When you have a 25% discount and a $25 discount, an individual item has to be over $100 for the percentage to be more. EXCEPT...

    2) "Biggest" means largest number. This actually means the smallest discount, because -15 is technically bigger than -30. This is in instead of comparing by absolute terms because that has its own problems... because absolute value of (-15) is bigger than the absolute value of (10), meaning the $15 discount would take effect over the $10 surcharge, but it would flip if the surcharge was $20.

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