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  • Deleting Orders and Bids

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    Darth Moxy

    To ensure smooth order management, it's important for customers to understand the options available to them regarding deleting orders. As long as an order is in "bid" or "ordered" status, customers can delete the order from their dashboard. However, it's important to note that this action can only be performed from the company dashboard, and not from the order page.
    Once an order has been verified, customers will no longer be able to delete it. In such cases, we recommend that an employee voids the order by changing the status from "Verified" or "In Progress" to "Void." This will ensure proper management of orders and keep records accurate.


    it's important to understand the options available for deleting or voiding orders. If a customer needs to delete an order, they can only do so while it is in "bid" or "ordered" status from their company dashboard. However, if they are unable to see the trash can icon to delete the order, it may be necessary to check their permission settings.

    When an order is voided, it remains in the system and can be viewed in the order history. This can be useful for record-keeping purposes and to provide a complete view of your sales history. Additionally, voiding an order can help to ensure that your inventory and other resources are properly accounted for, as well as provide an audit trail of cancelled orders.

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