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    Importing an order

    To import products with hidden attributes, it's important to use a CSV file and organize it in a specific way. The first column should contain the product name, and each following column should correspond to the selection for each attribute in the order they appear on the product page (from left to right). For example, if the first attributes for the desired product are Wood Type and then Finish, the first two columns in your file should contain the selections for those attributes (e.g. Alder for Wood Type, Pre-Cat Finish for Finish). It's crucial to match the information in your file exactly as it appears in Allmoxy, including wording, spelling, and capitalization.

    To better understand how to format your CSV file, refer to our example, which shows a CSV file that filled out an order. Remember that the header with the name of each attribute is not necessary in the file, as it is only included in the example for clarity.


    It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to ensure that all attributes are present and in the correct order when importing products using a CSV file. The import process looks at all attributes, both visible and non-visible, and any errors or omissions in the file can result in incorrect values being assigned or the default values being used instead. It is important to carefully review and double-check the CSV file before importing to avoid any potential issues.



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