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    Darth Moxy

    Itemized orders will come in handy for more than one situation...

    To Create an itemized order navigate to the shopping cart icon and click on create an itemized order


    An itemized order allows you to add extra materials, labor, overhead, custom markup percentage, profit, tax rate, shipping, and other costs.

    It works well in cases where you can't completely price based on products.



    • Adding labor will allow you to charge for laborious tasks that might not be product-driven, but labor-driven
    • Adding supplies helps you charge for items and add a markup.

    Overhead is calculated so that a portion of your operating costs are allocated to this order.

    • The overhead is calculated using the settings from the Overhead section in the settings menu.
    • To add overhead, go the the Financial Settings page via the main navigation bar (Settings -> Financial).
    • The Other Costs section allows you to enter a completely custom cost to this order. Enter a name for this cost - this can be whatever you would like, as customers will not see this on their invoices. Then add a dollar amount.
    • Use the Markup field to enter the percentage of markup for this order.
      This markup will multiply the cost by this number.
    • ...OR use the Profit field to enter the dollar amount of profit you'd like in this field.
    • ...Or use the pre-tax price field if you know a price point you have to hit, you can enter it here.

      Note that you can enter a specific number to EITHER the markup, profit, or price. They all play off one another.

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