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    Darth Moxy

    This information provides a detailed explanation of how an order flows through the system after a customer places it. The orders are in the site, and employees use the filters to sort them by status, such as "ordered," "verified," "in progress," "on hold," "completed," and "shipped." An employee receives the orders and checks the information, such as billing, shipping, and order details, to validate it. They also ensure that there are no errors in the information or order itself. They can add tags, notes, or attachments if necessary. Some customers may choose a delivery or shipping date, which employees verify and record. The employee in charge of this task may also check the projection report, which shows capacities and scheduled shipping dates, to keep track of the workflow. Once an order is ready, it goes into the work schedule report, which is where the production process begins.

    For a more technical and detailed approach, allow me to elaborate further:
    Allmoxy houses various reports (located under the pie-chart icon on your page), and we highly recommend using a specific method to efficiently schedule and verify jobs.
    To achieve this, we suggest utilizing the Projection Report (found under the Pie-Chart icon -> Managerial -> Projection Report) while simultaneously reviewing the list of new orders that require verification (accessed through the Shopping Cart icon -> View All -> filter to display only the jobs in 'ordered' status).
    With the Projection Report, you can easily monitor the number of items scheduled to ship on a specific day. By doing so, you can make informed decisions when verifying new orders and modify projected ship dates accordingly based on your current workload.

    Here's a video to cover in more detail:

    If you're looking for more insights into your production schedule, you may have come across a report called the Schedule Capacity Report. This report can be helpful as it shows you the number of items in verified status, separated by export class. However, for most users, the Projection report is the go-to tool for scheduling jobs and managing production. So if you want to confidently schedule out your jobs and keep your production on track, the Projection report is your best bet.




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