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  • Creating links in the header

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    Darth Moxy

    In order to add links to your header you will be using the HTML editor section.  


    Making sure your header links are lined up properly is easy using the 'table' feature in the Allmoxy editor. This feature gives you the ability to create as many rows and columns as you need, and line them up exactly how you want. By doing this you can ensure that your header looks polished and professional.

    For those who are a little more tech savvy, there are also a few HTML and CSS tricks that can be used to further customize your header. Having someone available who knows a little HTML and CSS can be very helpful when trying to get your header just right.

    Another important tip when editing your header is to always remember to make a backup before you start making any changes. Clicking the 'Source' button will allow you to copy the existing header content to a text file or another location. This way, if something doesn't turn out right, you can paste the existing header content back into the Allmoxy editor and start over.

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