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Update 1.5.56

Triston Merritt

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Here's the list of things that were updated with this version, September 2022

  • Edit Override Improvements

When making changes to an attribute table via edit overrides, the name column now follows as you scroll.  Previously, when you scrolled, the name of the attribute would scroll with you. So now when and if you need to scroll to the right you’ll still be able to see exactly which attribute you’re editing.


  • Folders On Orders

You can now have multiple folders within an order.  For example an entire house could be split into multiple folders, such as “kitchen,” “bathroom #1,” “theater room,” etc.  This is a great way to keep things organized and keep your customers happy. 


  • Address Fields Have Autocomplete

All address fields within Allmoxy now have address autocomplete.  Meaning when you begin typing in an address it will pop up with options that match the address you are typing in.  Making it quicker to fill out an an address, and more importantly prevent incorrect addresses from being entered!


  • Drag & Drop Pricing Formula Sections

While you're editing the pricing of a product you are able to drag and drop each pricing section for that product.  Previously you’ve been able to drag to rearrange attributes, parts, validations, etc and now you can finally do the same with pricing formulas.


  • Account Creation Improved

The log in page got a facelift, so now the create account flow has as well.  You'll see a slightly different look when creating a new account, which includes cleaner flow.


  • Supplies For Sale In Catalog Can Now Be Imported on an Order

If you have supplies/inventory items that are also for sale in your catalog, users can now include those on the file when importing an order.


  • Filer Product List by Tags

On the products page you can now filter your product list by product tags.

  • Shipped Orders Unavailable on Time Tracking

Employees will be alerted before they try to track time to an order that is already in shipped status.  This will help prevent accidental logging or status changes on shipped orders.


  • Order Level Settings

What have been previously known as Order Level Presets are now Order Level Settings, and they can now be applied retroactively to change an attribute option across an entire order.  So you can choose a new material or profile in the order level settings and you have the option so apply that change to all the existing products on the order.

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