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    Darth Moxy

    How do I set up my products for resellers to sell via a B2B connection?

    B2B relationships are a great way to build mutually beneficial relationships between other industry players. Here's where to start: 

    Reach out to our customer service team via the chat or by emailing *****@*****.tld
    Once we have turned B2B functionality on for you, you will see two new menu options under E-Commerce: B2B Settings and B2B Catalog. 

    Go into your B2B Settings. The first order of business is to upload your business logo. This distinguishes you in the list of available B2B connections. 

    Next, you will want to decide which products in your existing catalog you want to make available for resell. Typically, a reseller has already approached you about reselling a certain product or line of products. You can also decide which products you have the capacity to build more of and make those available!

    To make a product available for resell, simply go to the product and check the Allow B2B Access box (underlined below) OR if you plan on selling multiple products, go to the Product Updater and select as many products as you'd like to sell through B2B!



    After you have selected the products that you'd like to re-sell, go back to your B2B Settings (Settings > E Commerce > B2B Settings).

    The first section in the B2B Settings box is for resellers, so you can ignore that for now. 

    As a supplier, you want to check the box that Allows other companies to access and re-sell your catalog. Again, this is only a catalog of the items that you have selected for B2B resell by checking the Allow B2B access setting on the product. 


    Now, if you have negotiated a per product price with a re-seller, just go to Price Adjustments and create an adjustment that is company exclusive to each re-seller. Have five different re-sellers? You'll need to create different price adjustments OR if you're giving them all the same price, you can use a unique tag for those companies and base your price adjustment off of a tag (Search the knowledge base for more information on both tags & price adjustments).

    You are now ready for re-sellers to connect to you and re-sell your available products!

    Here's the process: When your re-seller's customer (following me?) places an order, it will appear as a Bid in your order list. When your re-seller has verified that order, it will update it to Order status for you, meaning your team can get to work on building this order out. You will have the shipping information just like any other order. Some re-sellers might prefer that you branding is discreet for their orders, we recommend working these things out (along with pricing) with each re-seller before they place their first order. 

    To keep the orders flowing, we recommend that you have your re-seller set up on Pay with Credit and a determined Credit Limit. All of these adjustments can be made by going to the reseller's company account in your instance and selecting Edit. This allows their customers to place orders without error. Of course, you and your re-seller are in charge of deciding these things! 

    Last but not least.... Let's talk security. 
    Resellers have very limited access to your product information. Resellers can view the names of your attributes and parts, but they can't click on or access any of your attribute tables or part calculations. The pricing tab only includes their price adjustments on top of your base pricing to them. 

    A re-seller's customers will never be able to access your site via the re-seller. They'll see the re-seller's catalog and that's it. 

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