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  • How to Troubleshoot Pricing Formulas

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    Darth Moxy

    If a pricing formula is not populating it is likely that the formula is off. You can troubleshoot this by going to settings, e-commerce, products. Select the product that is not working. On that product select "Pricing" at the top.

    Next select "save changes" on the right navigation bar. If there is a piece of the formula missing it will show a red error at the top. If there is no error continue on.

    Select "Parts" at the top and again, select "save changes" on the right navigation bar. Look for the red error sign at the top.

    If these two processes do not show an error message continue forward by double checking each formula box by looking at the variable type, make sure each variable is an actual variable. For example if you are trouble shooting a door and in your formula you enter (width*height) but your size variables are "door_height" and "door_width" this is an error and you must replace those with what your variables actually are.

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