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    Darth Moxy

    Here are a couple things to keep in mind when double checking a tax rate.

    First, if you're fairly new to using Allmoxy, make sure you have the correct zip code set on your shipping page for "Ship from/Will Call Zip" (Settings -> Operations -> Shipping).

    Second, double check your Financial Settings page (Settings -> Financial) and to make sure you have all your possible "sales tax presence" states/regions selected.



    Third, make sure the customer doesn't have a custom tax rate set in their settings - if they do that will always override the tax rate on any of their orders, regardless of where it's being shipped to or from. 

    Fourth, make sure the shipping address on the order is valid.

    There's ONE more thing to note about your "Ship from/Will Call Zip" This is the zip code used to calculate your will call orders' tax rate. Sometimes the zip code covers multiple cities with different tax rates. If your order isn't calculating tax correctly, you might need to change this zip code to one that is exclusive to your city. 

    If that's all correct and you're still not sure then feel free to chat with us and we'll make sure it's working!

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