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  • Options for Adding Customers

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    Darth Moxy

    You have a few options when adding customers to your instance:

    We recommend that you share the Create Account link with your customer base, so they can create their username and password! This will reduce friction for both sides, as customers won't need to reach out if they've forgotten their username or need to reset their password. 

    To share the Create Account link for your instance, log out of your instance and click on the Create Account button on the login page: 


    Another option is to manually add your customers: 

    The video explains how to get customers and entities into the system. There are three entities: companies, company contacts, and individual accounts. Companies are self-explanatory, company contacts work for companies and must be associated with an existing company, and individuals are people not associated with a company or business. 

    If your customer base is primarily businesses, or you don't accept orders from individuals, you can set "Allow Personal Account Registration" to No under Order Settings. This will require that users enter a business name to create a customer account. 


     Finally, if you want to sync your Allmoxy customer/company list to an existing database OR if you want to use Allmoxy internally and not give your customers access to login, you can export your company list from that database, reformat it to match Allmoxy's company import template and import the list into Allmoxy.  

    When it comes to importing customers and contacts versus letting them create accounts on their own, it doesn't have to be an either-or decision. You can split it up based on the different types of customers you have. For example, you can use some customers as a beta group to work out the bugs and get initial feedback, while ignoring others you don't want to create accounts for yet. 


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