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  • Importing Orders Into Allmoxy

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    When it comes to importing data into your site, having the correct file type and format is crucial. In this case, to import product information into your site, you will need to use a CSV file with specific column requirements.

    The first column of the CSV file should contain the name of the product you wish to import. This is followed by subsequent columns that contain the names of all the chosen attribute options. It's important to note that the attribute option names must match exactly, including capitalization and spelling.

    To give you a better understanding, let's take a look at an example. If you wanted to import an order for a single breadboard into your site, the CSV file would have the name "breadboard" in the first column, and subsequent columns would contain the names of the chosen attribute options, such as "size", "color", and "material".

    By following this format and ensuring that all attribute options are spelled correctly, your CSV file will be set up correctly for import. This will save you time and help to ensure that your product information is accurately represented on your site.
    So, remember to pay attention to detail and double-check your CSV file before importing it into your site. With a properly formatted CSV file, you can confidently import product information into your site with ease.



    First, your customer will want to export the order and save it to their computer (making sure it’s a .csv file)

    While logged in the customer will hover over the shopping cart and click on the import order function from the drop down menu.


    Here, they’ll have the option to choose the order they want to import (from an Excel spreadsheet, etc.). This is where they choose the file they exported and saved.

    They may want to check the box “Allow me to match the fields”. This allows them to compare the Allmoxy field names with the field names of their document and match them up. (i.e. their order calls an attribute “edge” and Allmoxy software calls it “edge profile”)

    When asked, “Which column contains the product name?” your customer will choose name of the product and hit NEXT. In the video example, the order is for cope and stick doors, so they would choose “cope and stick doors”.


    Now they have the ability to match all the field names of the order. They’ll hit NEXT when finished, and the order will be filled in and ready to go!





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