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  • Sending Triggers to the Contact Who Places an Order

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    Targeting a trigger contact

    When creating an order-related trigger to be sent to your customer, you have two options. You can send the triggered email to the Primary Contact, which is a static person set for their company, or you can send it directly to the person who placed the order by utilizing the Order Contact option.


    Order Contact

    You might find this set up helpful if you have sales representatives! 

    You can also set up a trigger to alert your sales reps that one of their customers has placed an order. If you haven't already, go through and tag your customers with a sales rep-unique tag (just their name will work!) Then, you can set up a trigger based on companies with that tag submitting an order to send an email to each individual sales rep. IE If Sarah's customer places an order, then Sarah will receive an email alerting her that her customer submitted an order and request that she reach out! Here's the trigger set up for this kind of trigger:

     Image 2020-04-13 at 6.50.51 AM

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