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Hello. I need help on this order. I need to open it back up but when I try to change the status it won't allow me to unless I select a shipping method. System not allowing me to add.
09:52 AM
Avatar of Darth Moxy
Darth Moxy
Thank you for reporting this to us! A member of our team will report the issue and reach out if we have any follow up questions!
Thanks. I've connected you to our customer success team who'll look after you from here!
09:52 AM
09:53 AM
Avatar of Triston
Hello! Whats the order number?
09:53 AM
Hi Triston. You have helped me with this issue before
09:53 AM
Avatar of Triston
Ive got it in to the developers and Ill let you know what they say!
10:01 AM
Thanks for your help. I really need to get this invoice revised today, so let me know when you hear! Thanks
12:30 PM
November 30, 2022
any update on this?
09:21 AM
Hi! I really need to get this invoice revised. Can you help?
03:11 PM
December 1, 2022
Avatar of Triston
Hey! Sorry for the delay! they are working on this for you!
09:48 AM
I really need to get this taken care of. Any ETA??
12:11 PM
Avatar of Triston
should be taken care of very soon
12:22 PM
December 2, 2022
So order #3448 has been corrected. However, I'm having the same issue with 4229. Why is this happening? The reason I need to open up the order is because pricing is not correct. I'm working on that on my end, but I don't understand why I'm getting hung up in the shipping field.
09:50 AM
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