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Exporting/Importing software delete attributes in existing bids?

Mike D

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Modifying existing attributes is so much easier when exporting the .csv file.

My question is if I do this, export and modify the list and import back in ---can it delete the attribute I'm modifying in bids that exist in the system?


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@Mike D I completely agree that it's easier to update an exported CSV when you're updating the data inside those rows. 

As long as you're importing back into the SAME attribute that you exported out of, you shouldn't have a problem updating and re-importing. However, if you delete options off the attribute table, then yes they will delete everywhere (and just generally break a lot of things)

My recommendation is to never delete an attribute option, just make it Unavailable and Unselectable! 
There's an Important Information flag by the export/import function in each attribute, just follow those rules and you should be safe!


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