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  1. Good question @sjwalter Yes the batching function is only for grouping orders to change the status and/or getting all the export files out of Allmoxy at once. For importing, we don't yet have a way to importing multiple orders in Allmoxy at once, but you CAN import into a single order and put each room in a different folder. The downside of this is that the order would probably be very large, and I'm not sure if you were wanting everything combined into one invoice, which is what would happen. But the upside is that it covers what you're describing, getting all 12 files onto one order! The way to do this is to add another column to the beginning of your file to allow a spot for the folder name in the first column. That allows you tell the file which items belong in which room. And then when you're importing the file be sure to use this setting: Let me know if you have further questions on this!
  2. Oh I also have a question on this as we scope it as well! If you chose, for example, to require 50% down payment upon order, and then 2% discount if paid in full before the due date - should that 2% be discounted from the original/total order amount or should it discount 2% off the order total or just 2% off the remaining 50% that isn't paid yet?
  3. @PeteRudge I've talked to the dev team and still don't have an exact estimate, but I'd guess this could be out in 6 months or less. We have to get througha few other projects before we can get to it!
  4. Ashley


    Most things in the system, particularly things that might affect your catalog or customers, that have active/inactive settings will require the user to turn them on when you're ready for them to be active. Things like products, price adjustments, etc. But there are some other that things don't behave that way, so I'll take this discussion back to the team! Thank you for the feedback!
  5. @PeteRudge catching up on a few comments that fell through the cracks here! This is a tricky one to answer because it is a great idea, it's just that so much of our focus for improvement right now is directed toward the MRP, less on 3D for the time being. Let me look a little deeper into what it will take in terms of resources and get you a more detailed update later this week!
  6. I understand you were just trying to quickly see if we had a report that showed what you're asking, but since we don't I'd like to put a ticket in as a feature idea - that's why I'm poking and prodding with the details of exaclty what you'd want it to do! I'll add a ticket either way but if you have more input on this diea let us know!
  7. Right, but at what point do you guys consider it the "date that was given to the customer?" Because on their side they can request a ship date if they want, but then on your side you can put in an "actual ship date" if the date the customer requested isn't feasible. I'm wondering at what point in the order process would be the best time to take the snapshot of the estimated ship date?
  8. Hi Linda! We don't really have any reports that have those two data points recorded next to each other, the system sort of treats the "ship date" as one continuous value that happens to get updated as the order progresses... If we were to have a report like that I'm curious how it would be most accurate for you? Would you want to see what the ship date was upon hitting verified status (I'm assuming that's the time when you guys will see the requested date and decide if you need to modify it before you start the job), and then compare it to the date the job actually hit shipped status?
  9. @Joel Bond, wow nice, did the AI-generated formula work? You can simplify this by several lines if instead of writing unique text each time, you create a column in your rustic treatment attribute, add the text there, and then insert that variable in the text function instead. So then you don't have to write a line for each selection of the attribute, it will just insert whatever text is supposed to go with the option the user selected. (I think you'd still have to write conditions for the 3 different drilling selections though)
  10. Hey Susan! This is actually a feature request in our system that a couple of other people have wanted in the past as well, as a way to make the resource allocation list of items show on an output page. I'll go add your name to the list there as another vote! (For my own notes https://allmoxy.atlassian.net/browse/DEV-3684)
  11. Okay cool. I don't recall if there was a specific reason for it being like that but I get what you mean, why that would be valuable. I'll put a ticket in for this and keep you updated if it's a quick yes or quick no.
  12. @PeteRudge to clarify, you're talking about how the cab numbers ONLY display in bid status like this, but then you cna't see them in ordered status and later?
  13. @PeteRudge sorry about that, I'm not sure why it didn't get seen before you added that last comment! You're approved now!
  14. @PeteRudgeyou're too good, catching brand new features! This is actually only out for beta right now, we're working out a kink and then we'll push it out to the rest of you! I generally send out an email about new features when we release them to everyone, so you should see that come through when it's time! Hopefully this week or next week 🤞
  15. Okay @PeteRudgeI apologize, this is probably exactly what you were trying to clarify and I didn't quite understand when I responded before: the trigger will only fire upon status *change* while the product is on the bid/order. So it's not going to fire if you're already saved it in bid status and THEN add the product and save again. For some reason I thought you had the product on there before saving as bid the first time. Part of the reason for that is that people make A LOT of changes to bids, and sometimes even make a lot of changes in ordered status as well, and they would not want a bunch of triggers repeatedly firing just because they make one small edit and saved in that same status again. So they only fire then the status is changed to whatever you've set. So I think you're going to either want to change that trigger to fire upon *ordered* status - so that you can add the custom product in bid status and THEN move it to ordered status. Then it will fire at that point. Or make sure the custom product is on there upon the initial save to bid status.
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