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  1. Would love to get this implemented. It's frustrating to not be able to have working drawings for a customer without creating a duplicate order so I can turn on numbers.
  2. Is this feature implemented? Our settings looks like this:
  3. The way designer works now, we can display cabinet numbers after the order is in ordered status or later. We need to be able to display cabinet numbers no matter the order status. Currently, a customer can not open their order and see cabinet numbers. They need to be able to see labels so they know what cab is what when they receive their order.
  4. @Ashley I am seeing this problem again today. The trigger is not firing for order 705. The customer added the "custom order request" to the bid and saved it. No email was sent. I need the trigger to fire when the bid is saved not when the status is changed to bid. Is this the limitation?
  5. I am using Chrome Version 107.0.5304.107 (Official Build) (64-bit). When the cursor hovers over the next page icon on the customer orders list it disappears. See attached video. Cursor issue (2).mp4
  6. I just did a test bid and the trigger fired. Looks to be working as expected. Thank You!!
  7. @Gavin Flitton I have tested it by creating a new bid and adding the custom order request. I saved the bid. The trigger did not fire. No email was sent.
  8. We have a product called "custom order request" with the tag "custom request". We would like to be notified when a custom includes this item in one of their bids. I have tried to create a trigger using "when order status changes to bid" and product tags "custom request" but the trigger does not fire when a bid is created with the custom request product. Any ideas?
  9. Would it work to turn off the visibility of the attribute? You could modify your pricing formulas to calculate the cost of the integrated end based on the front material.
  10. We created a product called "Custom Order Request" that we use to add a price and description to a custom order request. The same thing could be done to create a surcharge.
  11. Can you provide a link to the help page this was quoted from? Are you saying that validations will not "try to fire" on a number attribute with a zero / null value that has the "require for validation" box checked?
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