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Trigger to notify us when customer submits a custom order request

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We have a product called "custom order request" with the tag "custom request". We would like to be notified when a custom includes this item in one of their bids. I have tried to create a trigger using "when order status changes to bid" and product tags "custom request" but the trigger does not fire when a bid is created with the custom request product. Any ideas?

Screenshot 2022-11-03 063839.png

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@PeteRudgeI had no luck last week and still needed to try recreate this for the developers, it was working fine in my test instances... so I just tried again in your instance with this order https://bwmodern.allmoxy.com/orders/quote/702/ and the trigger immediately fired and seems to be working. Do you want to test it again for yourself and see if you have any issues?

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Okay @PeteRudgeI apologize, this is probably exactly what you were trying to clarify and I didn't quite understand when I responded before: the trigger will only fire upon status *change* while the product is on the bid/order. So it's not going to fire if you're already saved it in bid status  and THEN add the product and save again. For some reason I thought you had the product on there before saving as bid the first time. 

Part of the reason for that is that people make A LOT of changes to bids, and sometimes even make a lot of changes in ordered status as well, and they would not want a bunch of triggers repeatedly firing just because they make one small edit and saved in that same status again. So they only fire then the status is changed to whatever you've set. 

So I think you're going to either want to change that trigger to fire upon *ordered* status - so that you can add the custom product in bid status and THEN move it to ordered status. Then it will fire at that point. Or make sure the custom product is on there upon the initial save to bid status. 


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