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  1. @PeteRudge Hey Pete! This trigger looks like a great idea and seems to be set up correctly. You have tested it and it is not functioning correctly?
  2. @Triston Merritt It would be an invoice that is not tied to a specific order or product. Some useful info here: Credit memos can be created manually under the $ icon.Finance charge, bounced payment, & CC fee invoices are automatically generated based on a customer’s financial settings..So basically, there’s no way to just create an invoice without it being attached to an order/products.What you can do is you can create a product that doesn’t have any real info to it (like maybe just 1 comments attribute so they can type in what the invoice is for) and then set a fixed price $1000 In the pricing section of the product, then manually override that with whatever you’re actually quoting the customer.
  3. Is there anyway for an employee to send an invoice to their customer without it being tied to a specific order?
  4. Does an "in house" remake that occurs before the order is finished and shipped function the same as a normal remake requested by a customer? Is new a new order generated that is tied to the original order and does this new order have all new "paperwork" for the necessary products?
  5. Hey @Ken, Sorry that we missed this! I just submitted a feature request for it if you want to add your vote to it!
  6. Contact the customer Success team (Gavin, Sarah, or Triston) and they will give you the details on how this is taken care of!
  7. I tried to import my customers but it is not what I wanted and I need to edit my file before re-importing them. Is there a way I can delete the customer accounts I just imported incorrectly?
  8. We are working on this right now, but don't have a way currently. I apologize as I know that makes things more tedious when importing an order. Soon we should have an easier way to create import files.
  9. Can you the setting "Auto-Verify Orders" (Settings > Ecommerce > Order Settings) be set per customer? For example: can I have one customer that has orders auto verified and another that does not?
  10. Unfortunately no. There is currently not a way to import orders other than to manually enter each attribute in order into a CSV. and then import that file. This would be a great feature request and I am sure others who import orders would love it as well!
  11. @remremI see that as well. Let me see if I can find the image and replace it with one that works! Thank you for letting us know!
  12. Instead of having to retype the same instructions for every order, is there a way that those instruction can automatically be input into certain order so it does not need to be done manually?
  13. You can do this by going to the resource allocation tab, editing the order status, and saving it there.
  14. Jason, unfortunately there isn't a better way at this time, unless they are in a category or under the same business. If so, you can use the second way in the article which hides all of them at once. Here's an article that explains it a little more:
  15. Unfortunately, no. They will not calculate correctly and decimals are required for the attribute table.
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