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Invoices not tied to an order

Gavin Flitton

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@Triston Merritt It would be an invoice that is not tied to a specific order or product.


Some useful info here:

Credit memos can be created manually under the $ icon.
Finance charge, bounced payment, & CC fee invoices are automatically generated based on a customer’s financial settings..
So basically, there’s no way to just create an invoice without it being attached to an order/products.

What you can do is you can create a product that doesn’t have any real info to it (like maybe just 1 comments attribute so they can type in what the invoice is for) and then set a fixed price $1000 In the pricing section of the product, then manually override that with whatever you’re actually quoting the customer.

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Yeah, not really. 
You can have a trigger email them with the invoice attached when an order is created (obviously), and a trigger email them with the invoice when a finance charge is created, but that's it. Nothing regarding credit memos being created, etc. 

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