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Math operations in Export Formula

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Are you able to use math formulas in exporters? I'm working on a Cabinet vision exporter and I have a product of a specific size that has a "customization" variable. I want the nominal size to stay the same, but the width and height in the export formula to change. 


I tried this but it doesn't like it. I added brackets, still doesn't run. Any thoughts?


{{line_num}}{{group_id}},"{{cv_name}} {{size_width_x_height_.Width}}x{{size_width_x_height_.Height}}",{{size_width_x_height_.Width}}-{{Width_Adjust}},"{{size_width_x_height_.Height}}-{{Height_Adjust}}",0.75,"L","N",{{quantity}},"{{cab_number}}||SKU:{{size_width_x_height_.Size_SKU}}{{door_style_ikan.Style_Sku}}{{door_colour_ikan.Colour_SKU}}"

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To use a result of a formula in an export formula, you will need to create a Part Attribute on the respective Export Part and write your formula there. Doing so will create a "this_part" variable that can now be used in the export formula. For example, if I needed the panel width in the export formula I would create a part attribute call "Panel Width" and write a formula like (door_width - (stile_width*2)+inset_add). That will create a variable named "this_part.panel_width" that can be used in the export formula section of the part.

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