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Export Formula Question

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Importing Refrigerator Cabinets

> We have end panels that will be applied to these cabinets and in order for them to import correctly I seem to need to add new attributes the website in order to accommodate raising and lowering the "opening" to fit the fridge the customer would be buying.
The question is more like:
How do i add a formula/attribute on allmoxy that ultimately Cabinet Vision would recognize or the ORD would even recognize.
> EG: Adding Bottom Scribe
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That information would be included in a variable the same say all the other information is. Unfortunately, Allmoxy is limited by the CV Job loader and anything CV doesn't recognize as an override will not change in CV. You can create the attribute and have a place for the customer to enter that information, that way you have it to enter manually once the job is in CV.

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ok. Lets say I have this attribute on the blind corner cabinet for opening width. How is it actually controlling the cabinet when I export the report into cabinet vision. Doesnt it need to have an attribute on the actual cabinet in cabinet vision? I see where it could have a value of "16" but where is actually calling it out in cabinet vision. I trying to figure it out on something simple so I can use this on more custom cabinets.

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