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Friday, April 21st, we release MRP 1.5.57 BETA, which includes several exciting new features to enhance your Allmoxy experience!

Here's what you'll see...

✔️ New navigation bar 

 Learn about all of the navigation bar updates here.

New navbar

✔️ Folder level settings

Order Level Settings are now available inside folders.

This allows you to make changes to selections within a single folder without affecting the rest of your order.

Folder Settings

✔️ Graph added to the Aging report

The bar graph at the top of the report indicates how many invoices are in each aging time period, providing a dynamic overview of the report.

Aging Report

✔️ Set validations to only appear once per product group 

A new setting is now available to allow validations to only appear once per product group instead of once for every line, reducing the amount of clutter and saving you time!


✔️ Sort items on output pages by part value 

On the attributes tab of a product, the "output page sorting" section will now offer all parts in addition to item attributes! Giving you more flexibility to choose which parts you'd like to sort your output pages by default.

Sort Items by Part

✔️ Folder names available on exports

Folder names are now available for export use, giving you more flexibility in your export formulas. You’ll see a new variable in the sidebar on your parts tab called “Folder Name” to use in your export formulas.


✔️ Import orders with folders

You can now create/dictate folders when you import orders, making it easier to manage your workflow. If you want to create an order with folders, simply add the folder name in the column BEFORE the product name for each product.


✔️ Easily expand and collapse all folders

Making it easier to navigate large orders!


✔️ Mark orders shipped via the scanning station

Make your shipping process smoother and more efficient. Use the scanning station to mark entire orders shipped! 

Scaning Station Shipped

✔️ Users can now choose their preferred language

Each individual user can set their preferred language for viewing Allmoxy, making navigating and using the instance easier.


✔️ Integrated Allmoxy Support 

The Allmoxy support tools now live within your instance. Just click on the help icon to open the new Allmoxy Support page. Access our forum, chat, knowledge base, and more in the app, allowing you to get answers when needed quickly!


(Release to production will be 5/12)

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