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Friday, November 17th, we release MRP 1.5.58

This includes several exciting new features to enhance your Allmoxy experience!

Here's what  is included in this release:

✔️ B2B product tags available as triggers

You can now build triggers based on B2B Product Tags. Stay informed throughout the entire B2B order process! 

B2B Product Tag

✔️ B2B product sales shown on invoice exports

Purchased B2B products will now be reflected on your invoice exports for more accurate bookkeeping.

✔️ Associate multiple supply items to an attribute

You can now associate more than one supply item with a single option in a drop-down attribute! This is a time saver and a simpler setup for those wanting to access two or more supplies for one material selection. 

Attribute Selections

✔️ Webhooks include company and contact tags 

To improve your webhook capabilities, company and contact tags are now included!

✔️ Turn Validations on/off 

You can now turn validations on and off according to your needs. Pause or use temporary validations without needing to remove or recreate the validation again! 

Validation Toggle

✔️ Announcements are now Editable and Deleteable

If you have created an announcement, you can now edit, or remove the announcement before its originally given end date by navigating to the Announcements report.

EditDelete Announcements

✔️ Separated Zapier address data fields 

For more accurate addresses, and improved integration options, the Zapier data field for addresses is now broken into individual address sections versus one singular input line. 


✔️ Notes section hidden on output pages when empty

For a cleaner view, your notes section will now only appear on output pages, if notes have been created.


✔️ Users can now use Allmoxy in French & more!

Each individual user can set their preferred language for viewing Allmoxy, making navigating and using the instance easier. French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and German are now options.

* To help us perfect new languages in Allmoxy, please reach out if you notice any translation discrepancies in your chosen language.



✔️ Production Lines: Phase 1

We are building towards more flexibility in defining production lines. Here are a few exciting features as part of phase 1:

  • Create production lines and affiliate labor processes by navigating to Settings -> Labor Processes -> Add a Production Line
  • Set the Default Lead Time and Part List for each production line 
  • There is now a "Start By Date" Column to reference in your Work Schedule report. The Start By Date is set by the Default Lead Time you input for different lines.
  • Reference production phases using the new infographic on the order Production tab -> Timeline.
Production Timeline

*various bug and system improvements will also be included with the release.

We are very excited to be bringing you these improvements and features. Please remember, for optimum performance following an Allmoxy update, clear your cache/cookies and restart any browser windows with Allmoxy open!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via chat for assistance.

**Released to Beta user on October 20th

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