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Import Multiple Orders At Once

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I know there is a batch order feature, but I don't think it works for us?

We get orders where a single project can have up to 12 rooms.  The order for each room gets submitted as an individual CSV file.

Right now I have to import each CSV file, print paper work, create Cabinet Vision ORD files, etc.

Then because we want to nest all 12 rooms at once, I have to take all 12 Cabinet Vision files, create PNC files for each, and then combine the PNC files to nest everything at once.

A way quicker option would be the option to combine all 12 CSV files into a single ORD file, with each room simply being a new 'room' in the ORD file.  This would save me hours per order in processing.

Is anyone else doing something like this?

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Good question @sjwalter

Yes the batching function is only for grouping orders to change the status and/or getting all the export files out of Allmoxy at once. 

For importing, we don't yet have a way to importing multiple orders in Allmoxy at once, but you CAN import into a single order and put each room in a different folder.

The downside of this is that the order would probably be very large, and I'm not sure if you were wanting everything combined into one invoice, which is what would happen. But the upside is that it covers what you're describing, getting all 12 files onto one order! 

The way to do this is to add another column to the beginning of your file to allow a spot for the folder name in the first column. That allows you tell the file which items belong in which room. And then when you're importing the file be sure to use this setting: 


Let me know if you have further questions on this!

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I think an even better feature would be the ability to use the folder structure but import multiple orders one after another into a MAIN order, just a difference folder name.

So say I have 5 orders, all from the same project.

I take CSV file from first order.  Import it and select 'folder option.'  Allmoxy asks me to submit name of folder which I do.  Then I import the other 4 orders the same way. 

This would literally save me hours of work PER order.

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I believe I can get our CSV files to properly format the data so that the folder option can pick it up in Allmoxy, but the inability of Allmoxy to generate the reports, etc for each folder separately is a huge issue.  I can't even imagine how many hours that would save me.  :(

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