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Is there a way to make order attachments more visible or highlighted?

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Sometimes we don't check it, so it would be nice if there was something that would notify me when something has been attached to an order.

You can handle this with a little snippet of code integrated in to your system:
Go to Settings -> Connections -> Integrations and add this to the plugin scripts box.

<script>replace this with the snippet below</script>

Then, paste this snippet between the two script tags.

//custom script to add styling to attachments box on orders

//only run on pages with path of orders otherwise it runs on all pages with attachments

if(document.URL.indexOf("/orders/") >= 0){

   //variable 'list' will count the amount of attachments - if it's greater than zero, it will highlight the box with the styles listed below

   var list = document.getElementById("att_box").getElementsByClassName("attachment");
      if (list && list.length > 0) {
         document.getElementById("attachments").style.borderLeft="5px solid #C6D880";
         document.getElementById("attachments").style.borderRadius = '2px';
         document.getElementById("attachments").style.padding = '2px';

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