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Is there a way to adjust our "deposit required" tag?

Darth Moxy

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Most customers (any job over $700.00) will give a 50% deposit; however, any job under $700.00 needs to give a minimum deposit of $350.00

When you say "adjust" the tag, do you mean adjust the message that people get that tells them to give a 50% deposit to tell them the second part? You'll do that in your trigger (your trigger is also called Deposit Required).

But just to clarify, there's not a way to have a trigger fire based on the $ amount of the order. So you can just add to the existing message that there's a $350.00 minimum deposit, as I stated above.

Otherwise you'd have to have someone manually tag each order with a tag for less than $700 or a tag for more than $700 which could then fire one of two different triggers explaining the deposit requirements for that order.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

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