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In House Remakes

Gavin Flitton

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Tell me more about this @Gavin Flitton, is this question from a customer asking how it would work in Allmoxy? Or are you asking just for your own understanding of how a shop might do it?

The short answer to your first question is no. In Allmoxy you can't request a remake until the original order has hit shipped status. The idea being it's shipped and the customer has received it and realized something is wrong and needs at least one item remade. Then they can hit the "remake" button on that shipped order and it creates the remake and takes care of the output pages for what they need. 

In the case where the shop notices a mess-up and needs to remake it BEFORE the order has hit shipped status... I'm sure different shops handle it different ways, which would likely include a fair amount of manual prep. Like re-printing the original part list on brightly colored paper and crossing out the stuff on there that was already built fine, leaving only the one that needs to be redone visible. That colored paper would let the workers know it's a remake and to be careful nd keep better track of it, etc.
 @Sarah P or @Brady Lewismight have better info there. 

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